Sonar X1

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Keyboard Shortcuts


Function Shortcut Description

Ctrl+ Space

resumes playback at pause point


resumes playback at pause point

Edit Controls

Function Shortcut Description
Show Tools Module


using mouse: middle-click
Track Edit Filter


Multi-Track select, then hold

Ctrl and select Edit Filter


Function Shortcut Description
Add Node



ALT to add node and draw envelope

Edit Hidden Envelope (Ghosted Data)


change what data type is being edited (envelope, track data, etc)

Multi-Track Selection

  • Click-drag across track numbers to select multiple tracks in track view.
  • Click-drag across multiple channels in console view to select multiple tracks.

Ctrl+Click to select non-consecutive tracks

Hold Ctrl to adjust volume, route outputs, etc. for all selected tracks

Envelopes and Automation

  • Prefer gain envelopes instead of volume envelopes. A volume envelope overrides the volume fader on the console, effectively disabling manual fader adjustment. A gain envelope adjusts relative volume within the clip, allowing the volume fader to set the overall loudness.

Pro Channel

EQ: hold Alt to adjust the Q bandwidth

Mixing Console

Move buses around by holding Alt and click-dragging on an area of the channel strip where there are no other controls.

Gating and Side Chaining

Idea: use the amplitude signal of one waveform to modulate the amplitude envelope of another track.

  1. Add a gate VST to the track you want to hear
  2. Using the modulation source, add an effects send to the input of the gate VST.
  3. Do a pre-send of the modulation track, turning down the volume fader of the modulation track
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